Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wa Kong Ti Penang Hokkien

Bila jam wa kai si chit ler brog, wa siao kong wa ee khijit noh sar pai chit ler pai. Tetapi wa chin boh eng sampai wa boh tong tiok chit ler brog kar anneh kuu. Char phut thoe ai uu phek kor guek liao. Tetapi, chit ler brog ah boey sii kok. Chi pai wa ai poe khoe hor kar liao lang zai, wa uu khi kepoh pien chit ler Penang Hokkien ee teh phet ker pin. Chi ler pai ee topic si kiow "Ban San". Na si lu uu eng, bo ming kia choe lai kong, chia lu khi thia la har. Lu lang ee chi chie, wa cin kam sia cher cher.
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Wa ai khua kui ee lang eh chai tiok tor chit ler si wa lai. Tetapi boh an neh khang khoer ai chai ee. Chai liao tiok ai kar wa kong tua chit pheng okay? Kam sia :)
When I started this blog, I thought I could update two or three times in a week. But I was very the busy until I didn't touch this blog for so liddat long time. Almost gort eight months already. But this blog haven't died yet. This time, I would like to announce to everyone to know that, I gort went and busybody to become one of Penang Hokkien's speshur guest. This week's topic is "Market". If you are free, nothing to do, you are invited to go and hear it. Your support, I would like to thank many many a lot.
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I would like to see how many peepur can guess which one is me. But it is not that hard to guess. After guessing it, must tell me here, okay? Ten kiuk :)