Sunday, July 15, 2007


Kinia jit, limpeh chin hua hee. An chua ler. Eng wei kina jit, chi ler brog limpeh 'launch' liao. Solly la, limpeh iong tam pok England. Limpeh ai hor chi ler brog khua tiok tam pok 'in' ma. Lu cai la, balu ee han cheng, na si lu beh hiau kong England, beh hiau sia England, beh hiau thia England, lu tia tiok goal ee. Tapi hor, na si ee, limpeh mai iong England tua chi ler brog ee eng wei chi ler brog si kio ma. So, limpeh kania sia hokkien nia. Bo pa ler ua liao ee.
Limpeh cai, kalu lu beh hiau Hokkien, lu tia tiok beh cai limpeh thi kong hamik sii beh sii? Toh sii lor, limpeh kong char char liao ma. Kalu lu beh hiau Hokkien, lu ka hor mai thak liao. Ee sai tui chu khun liao. Mai hor lu ee thau nau hinhin.
Cin kong khi lai la, chi ler brog si limpeh ee pheng eww kai siau ee. Ii ka limpeh kong, cho hamik lu mai khui chi ler Hokkien ee brog ler? Limpeh siau siau suai. Siau liao liao liao ler, limpeh pun phak sui khui chi ler brog lor.
Chi ler brog ler, wa beh update ta ta jit la eng wei wa pun uu chi ler main brog liao. So, kalu wa uu hamik ming kia cim kong asi pun ai sia, wa ma post thua chi peng lor. Nasi lu pun uu hamik ho liao ee ming kia ai kongsi, pun bo ploblem ee. Peh peh kongsi tua ci peng la, hor bo?
Kam sia cher cher!
Today, I'm very happy. How come ler? Because today, I launch this blog liao. Sorry la, I use abit of English. I wan to give this blog looked abit 'in' ma. You know la, nowadays, if you dunno speak England, dunno write England, dunno hear England, you sure goal wan. Budden, if can, I dowan use English in this blog coz this blog is called ma. So, I only write Hokkien nia. No other language liao wan.
I know, if you dunno Hokkien, you surely dunno what I talk right? Told ya early early liao ma. If dunno Hokkien, you lagi best dun read ady. Can go back sleep liao. Dowan let your brain pening.
Really talk wake up, this blog is suggested by my friend. She told me, why you dowan open a Hokkien blog ler? I think think think. Think properly ady, I decided to open this blog.
I can't update this blog everyday because I already have another main blog. So if I have anything to crap or write, I will post them here. If you got anything damn power to share, also no problem. Together share them here la, okay onot?
Ten kiuk beli much.


lonehunter88 said...

wa.. lu ee hokkien ching kang ko men pek ler.. iong abc sia hokkien tiam pok kang ko ar.. haha..

calvin said...

biau kin la. liao liao lu pun beng pek sii beh sii? na si lu cin ee beh beng pek, ma khua ang moh ee lor :P

t@ng_y1! said...

li hai nya!
lu zhing si sia kin hokkien .
sia kak zhe tampok woi!

calvin said...

brog ee mia pun si liao ma. tia tiuk si sia kania hokkien nia la :P

wa na si uu si kan, wa ma sia lor. tapi na si lu pun uu si kan, lu pun sia tua chi ler brog la :)

Anonymous said...

wa caya sama lu

Anonymous said...

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