Friday, September 11, 2009

Gor Leh Ah Kua La Bin Bas

Wa cipang ka uu sim ai update chit ler blog liao.
Mmm zai hamik su hoe.
Tetapi wa pun boe cheng choe uu lang thak ee boe.
Bi hiau kin lah, uu lang thak ar si boe, wa tetap sia.

Noh sar jit au hor, wa tua kalam poe.
Wa ai khi Subang mah.
Mah cher Metro Bus Chap Hoe (#10) loe.

Pua tui ee si hoe, uu go khiok lang khi bas.
We khua ii lang khia loe, toh si chai ii lang si ah kua haha!
Kia kar chin nui, jiu hue pun suu!

Hi ler lang cher pi yar wa pun chai ii lang si ah kua loe.
Wa khua ii, ii khua wa.
Noh noh lang thau chio haha!

Wa ai thau pai hiler ah kua tetapi uu tam pok khia la.
Mana ee chai, tetiba na sui ii khua kuei lai,
wa tia tiok sii ee haha!
Ka teng ii lang siao wa sukak ii lang haha!

Ma aneh khuan lor, wa ee ah kua ee khor sue.
Wa hi bang lu thak chit ler kho sue, uu tampok enjoy lah.

Me lately only got mood to update this blog.
Dunno why hor.
But I also not sure got people read or not.
Never mind lah, got people read or not, I will still write.

Two three days back, I was in KL.
I wanted to go to Subang.
So I took Metro Bus No. 10.

During the middle of the journey, got five people got up the bus.
I see the way they walk, straight away knew they were ah kua haha!
Walk so soft and gentle, octopus also lost to them.

The guy sitting beside me also knew they were ah kua haha.
I looked at him, he looked at me.
Both of us smiled secretly haha!

I wanted to secretly takephotos of the ah kua, but got a bit scared.
Who knows, if they look over at me, I sure die for sure one haha!
Later they thought I like them haha!

So, like that lor, my story about ah kua.
I hope you read this story, got enjoy a bit lah.


嘿嘿 said...

Mai ko kekeshi lah!
hele ahkua pun cai lu si siamang,
ku mai chio pi.
kalaobo, lu anzhua e chai nya le?

Don't pretend guy!
The Ahkua also know who u a,
Tortoise dont laugh at Turtle,
If not, How can u find out?

calvin said...

@ 嘿嘿:
haha, boe lar. ii lang boe khua wa pun.
wa pun mm si ku; hamik su lu kong wa si ku haha xD

haha, no lar. they didn't look at me also.
i"m not a tortoise also; why are you syaing i'm a tortoise haha xD

Albert Lu said...

Good Hokkien blog, even though it's not written in Chinese characters. I like it. I myself, a overseas Hokkien from Burma, now living in the states, speak very little hokkien. I envy about you speaking fluent hokkien. I'll keep visiting your blog whenever I have a free time. Keep up with your good job!

calvin said...

@ albert lu:
hi albert!

thanks for spending some time to read my writings here. i am not from a chinese-educated background, hence i don't write chinese.

i know it could be hard for people to read and understand them, nevertheless, i guess with the aid of the translation, it should help a lot :)

thanks again for your kind comment :)

嘿嘿 said...

Do you know which part of Hokkien are you? I Beleive more are from TangUa(TongAn福建同安), where my grandparents are from.
I was told my great grandpa wa s pass away in Ranggon while having business trip there, but we dont know where he was burried. My surname was LIM (林). Are you 盧、陆、 or 罗? 盧 is more from ToiChew潮州.
My email is

Albert Lu said...

Hi Calvin,
Thanks for your prompt response. As I grew up in Burma where at time Chinese were suppressed, I can hardly speak Hokkien & Mandarin. So your writing in
Hokkien, and English translation really helps me understand and refreshes my poor Hokkien. Yes, wa si tang ua, mm si hwi ua. I don't know how to type in Chinese, but my family name is pronounced in Hokkien, with two windows placed one up & one down with a connecting stroke. Well I'd like to write more private to your email address. mine is sforgn@gmail

A. Lu said...

Oh, forgot to tell you that I got to this blog via your other blog "My Journey" which is also equally good for me to read.

calvin said...

@ albert lu:
to be honest, my hokkien isn't that strong and sometimes i would mix some of the words from the local language (like malay and english) when i am speaking hokkien.

besides, the hokkien i speak is more localized, unlike the original version one. i think i sound more like the hokkien people in northern part of malaysia (especially penang) speak. the hokkien spoken in malacca and johore are the original versions.

for example, we say "eat fish" as "chiak hu", but the southern people say it "chiak her".

i am not really sure which part of china did my great grandfather came from, unless i do a detailed research on that. anyway, my family name is also pronounced in hokkien way. it is "ong" (王) by the way :)

this is just my sub-blog to share my thoughts in hokkien. my main blog is still "my journey".

嘿嘿 said...

Our Penang Hokkien (if not mixed with Malay), It's original one from JiangChew(ZhangZhou漳州, next-south from Amoy(厦门).
Johor & Singapore Hokkien is originally from Amoy。
There is another stream from ZhuanChew(QuanZhou泉州).
But now is more mixture among these. Globalization. Hahaha~~~

calvin said...

@ 嘿嘿:
haha, no matter what version of hokkien we speak, i guess we could roughly understand the meaning :)

and yes, globalization makes the dialect more mixed nowadays lol!

A. Lu said...

Well for me, as long as we're aware of our identity, that's all it counts! But sometimes it's hard for us as overseas Chinese to be recognized, and understood our feelings and endurance we've been through by those from mainland China. I hope you two understand what I'm talking about.

calvin said...

@ a. lu:
my ancestors might be originated from the mainland, but since my grandparents' generation, we were born in malaysia (it was known as "malaya" or "tanah melayu" back then), and i am proud to introduce myself as a malaysian :)

but at the same time, i am very well aware that my roots came from china :)

JJ said...

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