Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tiok Pien

Halo ka liao lang!
Chiak par boey?
Cin lai kong, wa pun mm zai an chua ai "greet" lu lang.
So wa pun mui "chiak par boey" nia lor.

Mai khi hong hor.
Wa ee hokkien pun mm si kong cin cia li hai ee.

Wa th'ng ler pai uu tam pok boe eng.
So, wa pun boe tiam sia ai "khi jit chi" (update) chi ler blog.

Ki nia jit ee koe su si th'ng ler pai hat seng ee.
Wa khi wa ee ah mah ee chu,
Ai kio ii ka wa alng chiak pui.

"Mien la, lu lang khi la; wa chiak pa liao," wa ee ah mah ka wa kong.
"Beh hiau kin la, lu mai chiak pun toei wa lang nia loe," wa ka ii kong.
"Tong kim beh la, wa ar boei pai ang kong, ai ua sar seng," ah ma kong.
"Hmmm, aner khuan la, wa lak tiam lai chai lu, ee boe?" wa mui ah ma.
"Hoe la hoe la. lu lai chai wa la," ah ma kong.

Lak tiam aneh khuan liao, wa ma koe chai khi wa ee ah ma ee chu lor.
Wa khua ii tan tiao liao tui bin loe.
Wa pun kuei loe ai khan ii kuei lai ma.

Hi ler jit, chia cin cher.
Wa lang ai kuei loe pun cin kang khoe.
Tan kar cin ku.
Tan ai kuei loe ee si, wa ma ka ah ma kong ua lor.

"Ah ma ar, hamik su lu aneh char chiak pui ee?" wa mui ah ma.
"Boe la, jin jin wa ar boei jiak ee; wa phien lu nia ma! hehe!" ah ma kong ka wa.

Haha, balu wa zai ah ma phien wa.
Lu boe kam kak wa ee ah ma cin chu bi meh? haha!

Ah mah ee chu (Jalan Kota, Simpang)

Hello everybody!
Eaten already?
To be honest, I also dunno how to "greet" you all.
So, I asked "eaten already ar" only lor.

Dun angry hor.
My Hokkien also not to say very clever one.

I last week was a bit busy la.
So, I also didn't have the time to update this blog.

Today's story happened last week.
I went to my grandma's house.
Wanted to ask her to eat rice with us.

"No need la, you all go la; I eaten already," my gradma told me.
"Never mind la, you dun wanna eat also just follow us la," I told her.
"Now cannot lah, I not yet prayed, wanna change clothes," grandma said.
"Hmmm, like this la, I come and fetch you at six, okay or not?" I asked grandma.
"Okay, okay. You come and fetch me la," said ah ma.

About six like that already, I also go to my grandma's house lor.
I saw her waiting opposite the road.
I also crossed the road, wanna lead her across this side.

That day, car very many.
We wanna cross the road also very hard.
Waited very long.
While waiting wanna cross road that time, I talked to my grandma.

"Grandma, why you eat so early one?" I asked grandma.
"No la, actually I not yet eat one; I bluff you only ma! Hehe!" said grandma.

Haha, now I know grandma bluffed me =.=||
Don't you think my grandma is cute? Haha!


a. Lu said...

Linn Ah-mah tzhu kya twa, ee kaki ji lay khya si bo?

Your grandma's house is huge! does she live by herself?

calvin said...

@ a. lu:
nope, it's actually a family house. she lives there with my uncle and family :)

Anonymous said...

wah hahahahaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

lu eh hokkien cin chia hor!
wa ka liao eh bim pek.

cho mik shu lu eh ah ma ai pien lu?ee cin chia chu bi loh!
kin ni gui hoei?

lu lang ti chu kong hokkien uwa eh ar? wa pun shi. wa tat tat jit ka wa eh chu lai lang kong hokkien uwa :)

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
haha, kam sia kam sia.
boe hoe liao la.
wa ee ah ma ee hokkien pi wa hoe xD

ah ma kong ii chiak liao eng wei ii mai khang khoe wa lang khi per per chiak kua.
wa kui hui? you agak ler? =P

si lor, was cheng say han kong hokkien ua liao ee.
pa ler ua pun si uu kong la - bm, ang moh, tam pok tamil haha!

a. Lu said...

I think it's norm in Hokkien traditional way to greet 'Have u eaten full? Where r u going/ heading to?'. I've heard it a lot. It's the same way as Burmese do! No actual version of 'How r u doing? How do u do? etc.' So personally I think, it's okay to greet the way u did if the person u greet is from the same circle of culture background.

Your grandma is so cute. May I remind u that elderly ones would like to have much attention from younger generation from their own offspring. She was testing or gauging the patience from her own grandson! YOU must be the most favorite for the grandmas from both sides, judging from those photos u posted previously. Am I right?

嘿嘿 said...

Aiya, bolangkong "khi jit chi" e la, update masi kiocho ua sin loh! Lu thak Amoche e lang behiaokong, sishuakong e lah! Hehe~~

Waduh!, Lu ama e amolao hia tua keng, chin hogiak hor! kehuei ma chin che! Lu tiatiok shi hogiaklang e kia loh. Yashi bebai!

In English:
Well, nobody wld say "khi jit chi" for "update". "update" is (called) "ua sin"(renew). You a English Educated, not to know how to speak (in Hokkien) properly, just anyhow say someting. Hehe~~~

Wao! Yr grandma’s detached house is such a big one!So filty rich, having a lot of property!You must be rich man's son. Not bad at all!

Ps. writing this is merely for fun, without any intention or what so ever. It's only showing off my Hockian is excelent in many feild. Hahaha~~~ Hogiaklang e kia! ;P

calvin said...

@ a. lu:
exactly. like when my mom sees our neighbour outside, she would ask "chiak pui boey?" it has been used so commonly and already being regarded as a form or greeting to other people.

that is why i try to spend as much time with them, because they are already at this age, and we never know what would happen the next day. just spend quality time with them whenever i am able to do so :)

i knew she was just merely testing me, that is why i insisted her to follow us for the dinner. as for the "MOST favourite grandson" title, i would not say so; "one of the MOST favourite grandson" would be more appropriate =P

calvin said...

@ 嘿嘿:
si meh? wa ar boe ua ming kia. wo pang sin ee ming kia wor. aiya, beh hiau king la. "khi jit chi" ar si "ua sin" pun si siang ee. wa si "translate" ii ii nia mah =P

really meh? i didn't change anything. i put new things only wor. aiya, never mind la. "update" or "renew" also same one. i only translate round-round (directly) only mah =P

嘿嘿 said...

Lu chin pai, chin giet-siao! Ama e pibit lu pun(kok) ka lang kong, kong ka chuan sekai e lang cai liaoliao, co lakse lu e Ama nia! Ama ai gia tina asih(atau) kemocheng sut lu e khaching liao! kua lu aopai kok ka sisuakong(opekkong) bo.

"yaosiu si gina a~ chin hiaoheng!" lu thia! Ama me lu liao! bo sayang(thia) lu liao。 Hahaha~~~

You a bad, n very naughty! You expose grandma' secret, and let everyone in the whole
world know this. You makes yr grandma so embarassing。 She is taking the cane or duster to strick(smack) your bottom。 See if you dare to talk any more nonsence or not in the future.

"nasty bad boy, such a devel! " You listen! Yr grandma is scolding you now。 She doesnt love you now. Hehehe~~~

Yes, in western society, it is not polite to ask a person if he is/was going bluntly. They always say "Did you hv a nice time?" Then It depends on the person if he wants to tell or not.

嘿嘿 said...

=embarassing #

calvin said...

@ 嘿嘿:
woah, kin jit wa ok sin ee ji. wa chi lor lai mm zai pibit=secret haha! wa mana uu co ah mah lakse.

wa ee ah mah cin sayang wa ee. mm bat gia tina sut wa ee xD

wow, today i learned a new word. i all this while didn't know pibit=secret haha! i where got embarrass my grandma.

my grandma very love me one. never take cane and smack me also xD

p/s: you mean in the western society, when they are inviting someone out for a meal, they do not ask in a direct way?

嘿嘿 said...

Angmolang besai mui(meng) yi "Tausheng lu khi talouk?", yilang ee siokong lu kepo ai caiyia gien chap lang ee shu, bo lemao!

Yilang photong shi mui "Taosheng lu khi khiakhia u song boh?"。Nasih(kalau) yi ai kong yi to kong ho lu tia, nasih bo yi to kong pahang liao. Yilang toshi kha ko kaaki lah.

Cai yia liao bue? Bengpeek liao bo?

Ama gia tina sut lu shi chia lu ciak kuetiao, sayang(thia) lu ma! Cha kue tiao he hiamci luakluak ho lu ciak liao e hao!

The Westerners don't like to be asked where have they been. They consider it's is rude to do so as interfering other's business.

They ussually ask if you had a nice time. Then they would tell you as they wish, if not they just change the topic. They are more personal.

Understand now?

Grandma cane you means treating you ChaKueTiao(Fried Rice Noodle) becuase of loving you. ChaKueTiao with Chilli sauce make it hotter(spicy). It would make you cry after having it.


calvin said...

@ 嘿嘿:
wa mm bat khi ang moh ee ter hong, so yi wa mm zai ii lang ee siau huat. tetapi lu kai sek hor wa cipeng, tong kim wa beng pek liao. kam sia cher cher.

wa kam kak jipun lang pi ang moh koe kar ko kaaki lor. hamik ming kia pun boe ka lang kong ee.

woah, wa beh chiak luak ee. pang cher cher hang chio, wa beh tahan lor haha!

i have never been to western land, so i didn;t know the way they think. but you explained to me here, now i understood already. thank you a lot a lot.

i feel that japanese is more personal than westerners. what thing also won't tell people one.

wow, i can't take spicy food. if you put a lot of chillies, i cannot stand lor haha!

a. Lu said...

Calvin & Ralph,

May add s/t about Westerners' terms of privacy? When u mentioned Westerners, that includes Caucasian Americans, not just limited to Europeans, I assume. In that case, the Caucasian Americans are more liberal or care freer than European counterparts. I have quite a few Caucasian coworkers. Most of them don't mind asking where they go weekends before, with whom they spend, etc., since we know each other for quite sometime. What I like to emphasize here is, when u ask those personal questions, it heavily depends on with whom u talk to, how long u know each other, and how u approach to ask the questions, (friendly, casual, or obviously curious way?). That's just personal points of view. I could be wrong but I don't want Calvin get unpleasant impressions on Ang mohs. Kam Cia!

嘿嘿 said...

a. Lu
You are right. It depends on how close you are.

Actually, I Meant not to ask people where have they been. Most of the time people would feel that is rather personal matter, unles you know them well, and be sure they wouldnt get offended.

For sure, American are more cassual and open, not like English too conservertive.

Kamsia. Thanks for explaination.

calvin said...

@ a. lu:
thanks for the clarification. like what ralph said, it always depends on who are we talking to. i personally feel that it applies not only on westerners (europeans and caucasian americans), but we asians as well.

sometimes, when we ask our friend (asians) too much question, people might label us as kpc (ke poh chi) haha!

sinye said...

wah, jit cun wa zai lu jin eh jin eng..eh sai eng hokkien sia blog..hahaha...wa ai ga wa eh lao bu gong..giu ee ga lu eh lao bu gong pun..xD

sinye said...

arg..shit..i just realized you're another CALVIN..

thought was calvin lim..hahaha...

OKOK...beh sai ga ee eh laobu gong liao...>.<

calvin said...

@ sinye:
wa kam kak lu iong ee hokkien ua si melaka ee hokkien. uu tam pok boe siang lor :P

wa uu kio wa ee lao bu thak chi ler blog, tapa ii kong cinkhang khor beng pek hahaha!

haha, this case of mistaken-identity often happen =P