Monday, January 11, 2010

Koh Chiah (考车)

Wa kin nia jit balu ka zhai tiok wa uu khi pien teh pnet keh pin tua Penang Hokkien teh ji pai. Wa tei si "Koh Chiah". Ai uu noe ni zheng liao tapi nasi uu si kang, chia lu lang khi tia la. Kam sia.

PGHK #138 Koh Chiah (考车)>>

I just found out today that I got go to become special guest at Penang Hokkien for the second time. The topic was "Koh Chiah" (Car Test). Got almost two years ago already; budden hor, if you got time, invite you go and listen la. Ten kiuk.


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